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  • Production technology

Coating system:

  • The system can automatically tape robot GEMA Switzerland
  • Drying chamber system 50 M
  • Width 0.8 M
  • The system of metal surface treatment according to EU standards

Pallet Racking Layout Design: 

Need more warehousing pallet racking storage space?

1) What size pallets will you be using?
2) What height do you need?
3) What beam size and load capacity do you need?
4) Do you need wire decking or pallet supports?

Production lines - Equipment manufacturers:
     * Production line heavy steel shelves
     * Slitting lines, and steel plates
     * Cnc Punching Lines
     * Steel forming system
     * Robot welding links, Mig welding machine automatic and semi-automatic

Construction - Assembling Racking System
     * Safety equipment
     * Train operations on the high
     * Forklift work on high scale
     * Check - Try loading operating system shelves
     * Guidelines for the safe use of racking operations