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Product Name: Drive-in / Drive thru rack

* Use 70% of the stock

* Low investment costs, but more numbers.

* Advantages for using various types of forklifts

* Can store goods with high density

* Reduced area for aisle forklifts

* Suitable for diverse goods store.

* Easily upgrade extends the rack .

* Contact : 0918223724 - 0918752515 

* Email : tpp@tanphuongphat.com

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Product detail


Option 1 – Drive in Rack

* Structure composes of rails to guide pallet into the rack and a pallet stop in the middle of rack

* Forklift loads pallet at 2 ends of rack.

* Drive-In rack is designed to load and unload stocks from one side only. In this system, stocks which are loaded last will be unloaded first, following the “Last In /First Out” (LIFO) principle

* Tan Phuong Phat rack is design and manufactured with high level of accuracy to reduce the possible failure. The rack system has a storing depth of 8-12 pallets

* Tan Phuong Phat always provides supporting system for rack post, anti-inclination brace rod, and rails guiding forklift wheel into the rack to minimize risks and increase the rack lifespan.

Option 2 - Drive-Thru

* Similar structure with Drive in rack – yet without pallet stop system

* Structure composes of rails to guid pallet into the rack. Stocks are loaded by forklift through the rack

* Drive-Thru rack loads stock from one side of the system and unloads stock from another side. With this solution, stocks which are loaded first will be unloaded first following the “First In / First Out” (FIFO) principle