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The number and types of products containing goods in stockVolume, or quantity of each productStorage time, or speed up cargo in a certain time periodThe size and weight of the goods stored in the warehouse.Growth of commodities will be kept in stock,.Characteristics of the land and building location warehouses, .. AndEven other issues including the media, tools used for loading and unloading goods (usually forklift trucks) "

If you still do not have the correct information, the sales department of us will be advised to you, they are very knowledgeable about your worries, your requirements are given, our staff, they are trained and experienced, good capacity, ... they will give you the solution to meet demand for self storage racking system for your warehouse. There are many types of Racking that we produce supply to the market solve the storage needs of your goods such as pallet rack, industrial rack, light storage shelving, steel storage racks, cantilever racks and other products.

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Technical staff have more experience we are able to direct the location where you want to invest in construction of warehouse racking system at any time when you need it, we will give you the standard size for What type of pallet storage can be your goods, the weight of each pallet .., number of units per pallet containing goods, .. and will give you technical drawings racking system that you desire.However, we also recommend that you select the engineering drawings for these products is a manufacturer we standardization .. In other cases, we can also adjust the design as required by you usually make these adjustments to your investment costs reduced, but the fact provide such kind of products, the deflection of the horizontal support bar (Beam) will make you feel uneasy but the angle of the manufacturers we use quality assurance with the specifications of the allowable limit.

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