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  • About the Company

Tan Phuong Phat Co., Ltd (tpprack) was established in 2003, following the model of multi-member limited liability company, mechanical industry producing industrial rack.

The main products the company offers: Selective rack (Selective rack)Floor Floors - (Mezzanine floor)Drive in racks - (Drive in rack)Floating rack - (Flow rack)Double deep rack (Double deep rack)Canitilver rackNarrow aisles - (VNA rack)Mobile rack (mobile rack)Interroll rack (Interroll rack) Pushback pallet Medium rack Locker cabinet V-Shelf (V shelving) Shopping cart (Shopping cart) Steel pallet (galvanized steel) Stair lifters (Stair steel) Suppermarket shelving Wire mesh pallet (wire mesh pallet) Hand trolleyBookshelf 
With a factory scale of 20.000m2 specialized in manufacturing and manufacturing mechanical products. - Steel - Stainless steel - Shelving system - Supermarket shelves - Steel pallet - Powder coating for warehouses.
Tpprack has over the years been continually improving and modern in producing steel shelf racks, by importing mechanical production lines from Europe and Japan, helping to shorten production time - delivery, Reduced labor cost - Competitive price - High quality and safety;
The company has been granted ISO 9001: 2015, TUV's certificate is the belief and the continuous striving of the company is always towards the criterion: The best product to provide to customers in time. the fastest.
In 2017, Tan Phuong Phat has put into operation its third factory in Cu Chi with an area of ​​7.200m2 on a total area of ​​80,000m2.
Tan Phuong Phat factory in Cu Chi
TPPRACK's 3rd racking production plant
As a result, Tan Phuong Phat's third production plant has increased the total production area to over 20,000m2, making TPPRACK take a new step to grow stronger and quickly achieve its goal of becoming a leading supplier in the field of supply and installation of industrial shelving systems in Vietnam and is aiming to meet the needs of foreign markets according to the development orientation of the company leaders.

With the motto "Optimizing storage space", Tpprack has been investing, implementing many projects and solutions for the logistics industry, and storage of companies, integrating more and more services. Value added services for the preservation and distribution of goods, are the path that Tpprack is developing strongly to bring its services and mechanical products out of the Vietnam border to reach the whole market. Improve the position of a company providing products racking leading in Vietnam.
Contact Info:
Brand: Tpprack
Established in: 2003.
Factory 1: 174A National Highway 1A, An Phu Tay Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCMC.
Factory 02: 999 Ho Van Ton, Phu Diem Hamlet, Tan Phu Trung Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Website: www.tanphuongphat.com - www.tpprack.com
Email: tpp@tanphuongphat.com
Hotline: 0918223724 - 0918752515
Tel: (028) 37604871 - 72-73-74 Fax: (028) 37604869