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Storage Shelves document is the document storage device after the work was done, the evidence for many transactions and decisions in the field of administrative, commercial, as well as human resource management so that document preservation is extremely important.

Preservation of archives is the application of scientific and technical measures to ensure the safety and longevity of archives (archives hereinafter referred to as documents).

Preservation document includes the following fields:

A. The storage.

B. Equipment storage

C. Organization of the document in the repository.

D. Implement measures, preservation techniques.

E. Renovation, restoration of materials.

F. Scope of Application: This guide is mainly applied to documents in paper information carriers (also documents other media, with the separate instructions).     


1. Warehouse Location: Location warehouse must ensure the following requirements:  In dry place.     Having clean air environment. Geotechnical stability, has a high load. Convenient for transportation, protection, fire-fighting and organizing material utilization.

2. Scale warehouse.  To determine the total storage area to build, need to consider the number of existing documents and plans obtained from the source material deposited into the warehouse in 15-20 years.     Unit price is meters or kilometers price. The archive should have different types of rooms to meet the storage requirements and different preservation conditions of each type of document.

3. Premises and direction of the warehouse.  In addition to the storage room to preserve documents, archives should have some room to work for the implementation of business processes and a number of rooms for the management, administration, service ... If only a single integer, then work up to the room downstairs, the document storage room should be on the top floor. If the two units, the business office and storage is a unitary, while the room for guests to use the material and the other is an office units. This two units arranged in a T or L, together with the connecting bridge with ease.     User warehouse to the south or southeast done. Earlier in the West should not do windows.

4. The area of the storage room. The area of each comprises: Statistics area of preserved material prices, walkway area to keep the price of goods, the price first aisle, aisle in the warehouse ... Each warehouse does not exceed 200 square meters wide.

5. room.Aisles between rows Price: 0m70-0m80, walkways first price: 0m40-0m60, the main entrance of the warehouse: 1m20-1m50, walkways around the warehouse (hallway or porch): 0m80-1m20.     Room in the warehouse to ensure service lines facilitate the work of professional and material transport (energy lines).     Outside storage room, in addition to ensuring that the import documents must also qualify for fire trucks to travel easily reach the fires.

6. Wall warehouseWall storage and warehouse walls between the rooms have fire resistance standards prescribed by the State (not bust down after 4 hours of fire).      Outer wall warehouse to ensure insulation, heat-resistant, anti-infiltration of rain water ...      Warehouse wall installation of air conditioning to build two layers, the gap in between must be moist materials, insulation ...

7. Store WarehouseWarehouse door to be sure, have a good lock.     To open the door of direction from the inside out.      Warehouse can put air conditioning, only one side, there are two layers in between wet insulation, thermal insulation ...     The window of the warehouse to ensure anti-intrusion, anti-direct sunlight and against insects from entering the warehouse.     Do not design too many windows. 

8. Height warehouseEach warehouse floor 2m80 high, measured from floor to floor storage repository others.     Basement ventilation moisture in the ground over 180cm tall, roof ventilation heat-resistant layer on 1m00 tall (roof 2 layers). 

9. The load floor storage  Warehouse floor to the design load: 850-1000 kg / m2     Storage floor price com-Pac with load: 1200 kg / m2.

10. Power Systems in stock    The archive has two separate electrical systems: electrical systems working in warehouses and power protection systems outside the warehouse. Breaker is needed for the whole warehouse and circuit breaker for each warehouse floor. Electrical conductors in the cable must be made of lead storage, underground. Lamps in stock incandescent bulbs and use shielded. Each ball has a separate switch. Sockets in stock must have lids.

11. The system of water storage     In addition to water for domestic service, and installation of water supply system to serve the prevention and fighting for storage include: throat water supply, water storage tanks, water pumps ... Do not put water pipeline passing material storage areas.      The drainage system must ensure rapid drainage, including the roof and walls.   

12. Mode temperature-humidity     During storage of paper documents necessary to maintain the temperature regime-humidity 24 hours in a day are as follows:     Temperature: 20 ± 2 ° C      Humidity: 50 ± 5%.

13. Light Mode     Limitations to the maximum natural light shine into the document. The windows should have blinds, shades. In stock mainly use electric light and only used when absolutely necessary, do not turn the power regularly in stock.     Illuminance on the document: in stock is 15-25 lux, in the reading room of 100 lux.     The use of shading structures (horizontal bar) to the warehouse.

14. Ventilation Mode     Always maintain wind information in the repository, the speed: 5m / sec.     Air flow circulating around 1-8 times the volume of storage per hour.

15. Other requirements:     In the case of reusing the house or office old to dostorage material must be renovated to suit the requirements for safe storage of documents. Special attention to the load floor, to renovate the windows, doors, electrical system, water ...Storage facilities  Vehicles are mainly used in storage boxes, storage racks document. The box, the price should be applied in accordance with the latest standards by the State Archives Department guidelines.

ke chua hang tpprack


Repository special new construction, should use the com-Pac.Instruments for measuring the temperature-humidity     

Each warehouse to put a kit temperature-humidity at the center of the room.     

Apart from warehouse to put a kit temperature-humidity in a cool place, to compare the weather in and out of the warehouse.     

Frequent inspection and cleaning of equipment. Retested annually to the accuracy of each measurement instruments.Ventilation   Ventilation is often used as wall-mounted fan.

The number and capacity of the fan layout for each depending on size and storage requirements document mode in that room.Dehumidifiers, air conditioners  The number and capacity of dehumidifiers, air conditioning, depending on the area, the tightness of storage required to maintain VAG modes temperature-humidity to preserve documents in that room.     It should be equipped with enough machines and other associated facilities to ensure that the machine can work 24/24 hours a day.Equipment for fire protection  The archive should be equipped with adequate facilities, equipment and fire protection to ensure absolute safety for the document.     

The instruments and measures such as fire ordinary sand, sacks, blankets fire extinguishers, foam, fire extinguishing system in the country ... is still used, but only in areas outside the document repository.   

 Fighting for the area of documentation and must only use average CO2 or carbon tetrachloride powder flasks.

Tools cleaning materials  In stock should be equipped with adequate tools for cleaning materials such as vacuum cleaners, dust filters or whole warehouse facilities conventional cleaning.

ke chua hang tân phương phát


1. Handling documents before storing:  Before storing documents must be disinfected, cleaned, checked for accuracy between documents and statistical data.     Before you put in warehousing, material must be placed in the box, the box has no case to be classified in three pairs of wires or outer packaging. Each box must be labeled pair, with record sufficient information for statistical and lookup.

2. Put the document on price      Documents are ranked according to price and order the number of storage boxes and storage of each font. Principles shelving is from left to right, from top to bottom, in each cavity price, in the direction of the standing facing the price.     In full inventory, documents are classified according to the present price rule from left to right, from outside to inside, away from the direction of the door to the warehouse. 

3. Mapping price in stock     Each repository must document preserve documents in the repository. The diagram should clearly document storage location of the fonts stored in the repository.

4. Insert the document to use     When put into service document exploitation, use, must check the quality and condition of the materials geophysics. These documents were damaged or rare materials, not to direct the reader to use the original.     In the reading room, to strictly implement safety rules document.

5. Check the document in the repository     Annually to check the quantity and quality of material in stock. The results of the test must be recorded in writing, clearly stating the amount of material had statistically, enter the amount of new material added in the year, the amount of material damage, the number of missing documents.     When detecting the document is damaged, should be promptly taken to repair, restoration or replication insurance.      TECHNICAL MEASURES STORAGE1. Moisture resistant: To prevent moisture document should apply the following measures:      Ventilation: Use a fan or open for natural ventilation for moisture-proof material. Only proceed ventilation, temperature not lower inventory holdings temperature is 5ºC. When opening ventilation dust, insects, poisonous gas, light ... more fall into the repository.      Use of desiccant: silica gel can be used for moisture to the container document. Each box using 2-3 grams, put them in bags or cloth filter cloth bucket screen. After 3 months must be removed, dried at 130ºC for 6 hours and then reused.      Use dehumidifiers, air conditioners run 24/24 hours a day.  2. Anti-fungal     To prevent mold arise regularly sweep brush, clean the cleaning materials and storage facilities and warehouses. Always maintain ventilation mode, temperature mode-humidity environment optimized for document preservation.     When detecting mold, to immediately block insulation materials and apply measures to combat mold.     Do not be put directly of mildew on the document, which must spray, scanning, anti-mold, brush cover, folders, boxes, shelves document. For rare materials mold after the clean, material sandwiched between two absorbent paper, chemical fungicides were soaked.     The chemical has not been tested for safety level document, absolutely not be used for documentation.3. Anti-insect     To guard against insects appear in the repository to apply measures to prevent insects in storage; regularly cleaning materials, storage facilities and warehouses; must be sterilized before storing documents and regular disinfection of storage (2 years).     Disinfection measures used gas inhalation.     The chemical disinfection of the document must be the State Department Store and the specialized agencies and allow the user manual.4. Anti-relationship     The prevention have been proposed and carried out at the start of building the repository.     If you find termites appear, entering the warehouse, destroying documents ... must immediately contact the agency for termite treatments effective, safe and long lasting.5. Anti-mouse     Must be limited to the maximum penetration of the mouse to the repository (note the pipes, sewers, power transmission lines, vents ...)     Do not leave food in the document repository.     To rat traps or bait used. The chemical baits must comply with the guidance of professional bodies. TPPRACKla the design, manufacture standard system, high quality solution for all kinds of racking, height and length, but customers can easily choose for shelf storage system documentation, .... Whether it is a repository of tens of thousands shelf, or small warehouse type, type very narrow aisle warehouse, or a warehouse automation.The entire system contains material ke warehouse of TPPRACK is produced in our factory in Ho Chi Minh City. This enables us to distribute goods quickly and on time. The opportunity is huge, so you will find what you want. We are always willing to share their experiences with the customer right from the first phase of the project.After years of working in this field we have contributed to improving knowledge of system solutions for document storage shelves in Vietnam.In order to meet the storage solution for storage racking system for temporary diversion of our products are 2 types so you can easily look for the solution to your warehouse?It is important to your investment decision to use pallet warehouse.Dimensions: 2000mm x Depth 400mm high x 1100mm long x 5 floor respect to goods(There are many sizes to choose from)Material: Steel powder coatedColours: Orange, Green 
- Prices in the warehouse shelves, shelves for books and shelves to drugs, to record shelves, shelves v iron perforated shelves to document, display shelves, shelves for clothes ... ... etc: A type of removable shelves, flexible assembly with bolts, screws   can adjust the distance between the floor together in accordance with the size of goods.- Each floor load: 60-100 kg / floor- Free shipping and installation- Availability: In Stock- Warranty: 24 months.

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TPPRACK unit offers all kinds of supermarket shelves, warehouse shelves in Vietnam. With quality products that we provide, TPPRACK products are used by customers. Pallets in the warehouse is used for many purposes:- For goods in stock for the purpose of storage- To theses, books in libraries, schools ...- To book, office documents and agenciesWish you have a seasonal business successes, new year good healthAll equipment supplied by TPPRACK.COM quality assurance warranty as prescribed by the manufacturer.


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