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Product Name: Pallet Flow Racking

  • Racking height can be up to 9m
  • Can be used with all types of forklift
  • Increased storage area to additional 70%
  • Normal load: 1,000 to 2,000 kg/pallet or higher
  • Principle: First in first out (FIFO)
  • Contact : 0918223724 - 0918752515
  • Email    : tpp@tanphuongphat.com


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Product detail

Pallet Flow Rack, also called as Pallet Live Storage racking system, is similar to Drive in racking system, yet it does not require forklift to reach to the rack during loading and unloading.
Automated stock rotation and pallet sliding to the rack end to facilitate the stock inventory.
Heavy Flow Rack often has many benefits including high storage density, fast loading and unloading, and simply pallet selectivity.

Pallets are placed on rolls. Rack inclines to one end; thus pallets will slide to lower end due to gravity. Stocks are loaded on high end and unloaded on lower one.

* When a pallet is picked up, the pallet right behind it will immediately and slightly move to the position in the form of rotation.

* Tan Phuong Phat system is designed to operate stably and safely without requiring regular maintenance.

* Tan Phuong Phat calculates the speed and installs safety braking system for each racking line to help pallet move stably, thus reducing the stock damage and ensuring safety for users.

* Suitable for food and pharmaceutical warehouses and warehouse with homogeneous pallets.

* Fast unloading and saved labor cost .