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Product Name: Selective mobile - Mobile rack

  • Increase storage volume to over 90%
  • Reduced aisle area for forklift
  • Order picking selectivity is 100%
  • Operates up to height of 9000 mm
  • Load on rack surface is from 2000 to 6000kg/tier
  • Contact: 0918223724 – 0918752515
  • Email : tpp@tanphuongphat.com

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Product detail

Formed by 1 line of double selective rack with PLC driving system at the column base. At normal condition, racks are placed close to each other. Loading into any rack requires to press system button to form the aisle for forklift.

Rows of rack are placed back to back to each other, leaving only 1 aisle for forklift at the end of the row, thus increasing the floor utilization thanks to reduced aisle area
Tan Phuong Phat always include in the service package the consultation on electrical system, construction of guiding rails under the floor, and sensor controller to optimize investment cost and bring complete and highly aesthetic products to customers.

* Investment cost for Mobile rack is higher than that of other types of racking
* Can be used with almost all types of forklift
* Loading and unloading is as easy as selective racking. It takes around 30 seconds to move rows of rack.
* Length of rack trays is from 1200 to 4500 mm
* 220V power system
* PLC control system
* Operational instruction, handover and warranty for entire racking system