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Product Name: Stackable pallet

* Designed according to order requirements.

* Forklift frames pallets stacked on top of each

* Reduced damage damaged goods, increasing the area containing

* Load capacity: design according to requirements.

* Make the most of warehouse space

* Box Pallets are not used to line shelves

* Contact: 0918223724 to 0918752515

* Email: tpp@tanphuongphat.com

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Product detail

Steel pallets are widely used in warehouses of electronic products, finished products and raw materials. 

 Flexible loading and unloading by loading materials in the container of forklift truck and carrying to the position of loading truck, or conveying raw materials to production area.

 Saving labor cost, management and storage costs.

 Tan Phuong Phat steel pallets are designed to suit each type of products of various companies, characteristics of packages and usage conditions and always ensure highest safety and effectiveness.