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Storage Shelves document is the document storage device after the work was done, the evidence for many transactions and decisions in the field of administrative, commercial, as well as human resource management so that document preservation is extremely important.

The number and types of products containing goods in stockVolume, or quantity of each productStorage time, or speed up cargo in a certain time periodThe size and weight of the goods stored in the warehouse.Growth of commodities will be kept in stock,.Characteristics of the land and building location warehouses, .. AndEven other issues including the media, tools used for loading and unloading goods (usually forklift trucks) "


Pallet Racking Layout Design :

Need more warehousing pallet racking storage space?

1) What size pallets will you be using?
2) What height do you need?
3) What beam size and load capacity do you need?
4) Do you need wire decking or pallet supports?


  • Preservation warehouse
  • Preservation equipment and facilities
  • Organization of documents in the warehouse
  • Implementation of preservation methods and techniques
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of documents