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Product Name: Carton Flow Racking

  • Often used for spare part and material warehouses
  • Driven by plastic rolls
  • Principle: First in first out (FIFO)
  • Loading cargo into the rack by hand or ladder truck
  • Increased storage area up to additional 70%
  • Normal load is 300 to 1,000kg/tier or higher .
  • Cases automatically slide to one end following an angle of inclination


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Product detail

  • Carton Flow Rack of Tan Phuong Phat is the racking system where stocks are contained in carton cases or plastic trays and move translationally to one end thanks to gravity and on plastic rolls underneath. The rapid or slow movement depends on requirements and characteristics of stocks. Time for moving out containers reduces.
  • Carton flow rack is often installed in accessories, spare part and material warehouses of factories, and machine components, etc.