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Product Name: Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

  • Narrow down the aisle for forklift .
  • Height of rack can be up to 16m
  • Used with specialized forklift (tower forklift)
  • Increased storage capacity to additional 50%
  • Normal load: 1000 to 2000kg/pallet or more
  • It is required to install guiding rails  for forklift.
  • Good pallet selectivity of 100%


Product Images


Product detail

* This special type of racking system has a narrow and very narrow aisle for forklift, thus having high storage capacity and suitable for warehouses with high roof.
* In this racking system, the aisle for forklift is narrow and very narrow. It maximizes the air space and enables pallets to be stored at extremely high positions in the air space of the warehouse.

* Forklift (tower fork) used in this racking system can move within a narrow aisle with very high reach

* With many years of experience in (VNA) system design, we help ensuring safety operation of forklift thanks to load balance system and guiding rails installed in parallel with racking system.