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Product Name: Push Back Racking

  • Aisle area is less than that of  other racks
  • More air space for storage
  • Depth of rack is normally from 4 to 6 pallets.
  • Load on each pallet: 1,000 to 3,000 kg or higher 
  • Increase storage area to 70%
  • Contact : 0918223724 - 0918752515 
  • Email : tpp@tanphuongphat.com

Product Images


Product detail

  • This Push Back Racking provides an efficient storage capacity and it is used to store different types and sizes of pallets on the same lane. It can store 2-6 pallets on the same tier with the depth as same as that of Drive-in racking.
  • Pallets on the same tier will be loaded in sequence onto wheeled carriers and pushed back during loading. When a load is retrieved, the wheeled carriers will automatically roll forward and fill into the space.
  • This type of push back racking has as high storage effect as that of Drive-in racking; yet it saves time for loading and retrieval because truck is not requied to access deeply into the rack.